The Heritage Bank is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of online security. That is why we have made a commitment to protecting your personal financial information with some of the top Internet security technology in the industry. However, your financial information may still be at risk if your personal or professional computer is compromised by a virus or malware. To help you protect your computer from malicious online software, we recommend taking the following precautions.

Install antivirus and firewall software on all computers

We suggest you download an antivirus product to your computer. Many companies offer such products at low or no cost. The following are some examples of companies that provide antivirus software:

McAfee Inc.
Symantec Corporation
Panda Security. S.L.
Microsoft Corporation

Run a full antivirus scan on a weekly basis

To detect security compromises before they do significant damage, you should run a full antivirus scan at least once a week. If you have a particularly high online transaction volume, consider running a full scan multiple times a week.

Regularly install operating system and software updates

It is extremely important that you make sure your computer has all of the right security updates. Set your computer to automatically update your operating system (via Microsoft Update, window Update or Apple Software update) as well as your add-ins (such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader and Sun Java) with all of the latest security patches at least once a week. Each product generally has an option to check for updates automatically.

Take note of any strange or unusual behavior

If you notice that your computer is running slower than usual or if you start seeing strange pop-ups, this may be an indication of a potential problem. Run your antivirus software to detect and eradicate a possible infection.

Establish a dedicated computer for sensitive transactions

If you are a business, consider dedicating a single computer for use by everyone in your office for conducting sensitive transactions, such as online banking, issuing wires or making ACH payments. If a workstation computer is used for online banking, we recommend that it not be used for general web browsing, email or social networking.

Monitor and review your accounts daily

To make sure your accounts have not been compromised, review your financial transactions on a daily basis. If anything looks incorrect or out of the ordinary, contact The Heritage Bank immediately using the phone numbers listed below.

Avoid accessing your bank accounts at Internet cafes or from public Wi-Fi hotspots

Public Internet connections that you find in airports, hotels, coffee shops and Internet cafes typically do not have the level of security necessary to protect your sensitive financial information.

Rebuild your computer if it becomes infected

Although you may have run several antivirus scans against your computer, industry experts recommend that a complete rebuild of the computer is the only sure way to remove the threat completely. We realize that this is not a convenient solution; however, we appreciate how sensitive your data and finances are and want you to be aware of every possible precaution you can take to protect your private information.

Notify The Heritage Bank if you receive a request to provide non-public data

If you are using Personal Online Banking or Business Online Banking Advantage and encounter different functionality, wording, pictures or text than what you are used to, or if you are being prompted for information that you do not normally have to provide, contact us immediately. This may be an indication that our computer has been infected by a virus or malware. If you have concerns that your computer is compromised in any way, stop using it for sensitive transaction until you can have it safely cleaned.

For Personal Online Banking, call 1-888-THB-24HR(1-888-842-2447) between 7:00am and 11:00pm any day of the week.

For Business Online Banking Advantage, call 1-888-THB-24HR (1-888-842-2447) weekdays between 8:00am and 8:00pm.

The Heritage Bank takes online security very seriously. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how to protect your computer from these harmful threats.
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